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Well, Fall Semester has come again! For everyone that doesn’t know I have been pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. So far I am a little over 40% complete with my degree and exciting every day my goal gets closer.

I kept asking myself if this is the right degree to pursue and every time I hone in on my career path I find more and more things I want to learn. While this has made my brain kicking into overdrive and explore and research more and more fields; I have to remind myself that I need a foundation before I grow. Electrical Engineering will give me that ability to pursue anything in the technology world. Currently, my mindset has been focused on a digital electronic and FPGA design engineering.

Holding a job at Lockheed Martin working in the RF field, I have had the opportunity and exposure to so many unique technologies and designs. Ranging from microelectronics, high voltage power supply units, to full range antenna structures. The electronics behind these have fascinated me! How a board smaller than a piece of paper can allow communication between the earth and modular satellite systems floating in space. My dream would be to design those systems and the integrated modules that move these pieces forward.

Wondering what my life will look like in a few years scares me. I have accomplished so much already with my wife by my side, and I am awestruck to see where we are! I pray that our success only continues and blessing flow but, I am learning to be content with all that I have. Remembering my few years of experience traveling the world and seeing things many people only read about I am reminded that this world is only temporary. We have so much compared to others, and I am truly blessed to be able to say that; however, I strive to remind myself daily that all that we have is only a blessing and can be taken away quicker than received. Life has given us our ups and downs already, and we have made it through everytime holding closer to God and finding ourselves drawn into a tighter relationship as a result.

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