Basement Remodel: Day 4

This week has been very exciting, demolition of our basement started and less than four days in we are starting new to frame our new walls. With most renovations there is a risk of exposing the truth under the covers, fortunately for us, our home is in even better shape than we had imagined. It turns out the basement was re-done before its resale in 2007. While it had an outdated look and felt from the late 1990’s, The wood, insulation, wiring, and construction was updated in 2005 to include new plumbing. This was such a relief to find and gave me comfort in knowing our house is built to last.

Yesterday I worked with our contractor laying out the rooms, electrical, and lighting runs. 4 Areas, five walls, three doors, and over 800 ft of electrical wiring will bring our basement up to our dreams. We have a garage full of lumber and materials just waiting to get installed. Bringing this basement up to the modern times I choose to go four Phillips Hue lighting (23 BR30 3rd Gen bulbs)I plan on emulating this new smart home automation downstairs. I think this will bring such a new dynamic to our living space, and increase the uses for movie watching, entertaining, and game nights.

This smart lighting is so easy to set up, and I can’t wait to see it in our space working. I choose this system as it is upgradeable up to 50 lights on one hub and expandable beyond that. While the prices for the bulbs were high ($1100 – 23 Bulbs) I know they will last and bring great value to our basement in the long term. Check out the progress so far, Hopefully by next Monday we have the walls framed and in place and the drywall and finishing begin. I look forward to updating soon with all the cool things to come!

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