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For those of you who did not know, I turned 21 years of age this past Wednesday… also known as becoming a “real adult!”


Everyone has always told me that your 21st birthday is the best. Apparently, you are finally allowed to drink legally! Now, I am not all into massive birthday celebrations and that type of attention. So naturally, when people at work found out about this exciting milestone I was asked about 21 times (pun intended) what bar I was going to celebrate at; I didn’t have an answer. Honestly, by the end of my day, I hadn’t even drunk anything other than coffee. My day started at 5:00 AM, when I woke up and on my way to our quarterly meeting made a coffee run for the office which led to a busy day ending at 8:30 PM when I got home after training, I am currently doing for work. I felt bad because I barely had time to even respond to the missed calls I had from my family (thank you all for the love you give me). However, Jeremy did surprise me with tons of mint chocolatey things and a fridge full of High Brew Coffees (my fuel for the week); The smile that found it self on my face made the long day a whole lot better!

Now that we have caught up on my birthday, I think my reasoning behind not being excited as mainstream media portrays turning 21 was that I don’t feel like I’m only 21 years old. With so many things that have happened in my life and at such a young age, I’m just not really in the clique “Party/Club” mindset, Yet I find myself in the late 20’s early 30’s mentality of, “let’s settle down and build a life here.” For example, (with the exception of my best friend) I’ve always been able to make friends and carry on conversations with adults 10-20+ years older than me compared to my peers. I’ve always joked that I, “don’t identify as a millennial” mainly because the majority of things these millennial adults in my generation do just confuse or annoy me. So when I was allowed to drink “according to the law,” to me what it meant was that even though I’ve already done all this adult jazz and made it so far, I was still a child in the eyes of the majority the United States’ citizens. Please, don’t call me “just a baby” because I’m only just 21, if only they knew what I’d experienced in my lifetime already.

To those wondering, yes I have drunk “real” drinks since.  Nothing like making a drinking game out of one of your favorite movies (Pitch Perfect) and yes, I went to my first bar after my husband treated my best friend and me to “Frozen” on Broadway (future blog post?? We shall see…) this past weekend.


Beautiful Denver Skyline from Peaks Lounge
Elegant seating over looking Downtown Denver
Such a simple and romantic bar on the 27th floor
Amazed we call this city home!


I always just find it funny how the Lord works in everyone’s lives differently! For me, I grew up fast and jumped over the young adult stage. I don’t regret anything in my past because all the amazing things that have come out of every hardship. I ask myself so often, “why would I want to change any of the gifts that God has given me?” I am one lucky 21-year-old woman!

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