Little B has favorites!

I love our cats. Mia is mine and Little B is Jenns’. I have noticed a recent shift in how Little B is acting around me, he sure loves Jenn more than me. I mean between working full-time and school full-time I am only home for an hour or two before I go to bed. So naturally jealousy is brewing and I had to go out and get him a new toy to buy his love back; like any sensible person would. Before I dive too much deeper I must say one thing, Little B is a Tasmanian devil with his toys. He destroys more things than I thought possible, most cats lose interest and forget about it in some dark corner of the house; but Little B places them in areas as if he was collecting them as prey in the wild. He shreds plush toys, eats plastic toys, and if it has a string he must break it.

Back to buying back unconditional love… I went to Walmart bought a new toy and got him all excited before I brought it out to show him. Little did we know this toy would be near indestructible… oh yeah and it makes a high pitch chirping sound anytime it is moved; Even at 1 in the morning. Most people would simply throw it out or put the toy away, but seeing how excited he gets every day to play with it I cant do it to him. From the adorable fetch sessions to the giant leaps in the air to grab it he brings so much entertainment and joy to the house! Last night he was bugging us until we played with him… mind you it was 12:30 AM and we just got to bed. I gave him a few minutes of loving until he kept pushing for more and more. The toy was put in timeout (My bedside drawer). Waking up at 6 AM to get ready for the day I find him sitting in front of the nightstand meowing and paw’n at the drawer. Cats have 300 million neurons so I wasn’t surprised by his memory, but I was surprised by the expression and emotions he has for his toy and playtime.

I am so happy to have cute kitties in the house that love us as much as we love them…except Mia. She tolerates us.

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