Our Journey Begins

Our lives have been such a wild ride since day 1 of our new life together. April 9th, 2015 was the day we put everyone else aside to begin our new journey together as a married couple. Little did we know our life was about to get rocked from the inside out. Jeremy was serving in the military and just getting back from another deployment to Afghanistan while I was wrapping up another semester in college, life had so far been good except for the lack of money, food, and time together. While life on the outside seemed normal we meet challenge after challenge at each turn we faced. Now more established and further than we ever thought we could dream we want to share our story with everyone! Getting married before 20, buying a home before 22, owning 3 cars and 2 cats I would say our life is anything but normal!


This is our journey, follow us as we share so many unique stories, videos and memories of our lives! We post occsailly on YouTube and will update everyone weekly here on our website! Be sure to Subscribe via Email, Check us out on Youtube, and like our Facebook Page to stay up to date!

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