My life is absolutely crazy! From the moment I wake up at 6AM to when I nearly pass out after midnight i find myself enjoying those little moments of free time in my life more and more.

It will never rain roses: when we want more roses, we must plant more roses

-George Elliot

That quote is something I remind myself when I am feeling out of focus and sluggish. I am always encouraged to pick my head up, focus on my future aspirations and pursue with the same passion I had day one. Counting school, work, and working out, I spend 111 out of the 168 hours in a week away from my wife, and my social life. This is hard. I often find myself shaming my actions as if I was selfishly pursuing that disconnect. I know in the end this sacrifice will pay off ten fold for our family and it will provide us with a comfortable life with not many worries.

So in the remaining 57 hours of the week I spend a solid 50-56 of them sleeping. I have been challenging myself to put God on my schedule. I stopped myself and thought… Put God on my schedule? Who do I think I am? It was a humbling enlightenment. I have pushed God so far off to the side I began to treat Him as an object I might squeeze in. Huge eye opener to me and shook me back to pursuing Him as the pride of my life.

Between school, work, workouts, family, yard work, and so much more I have been struggling to find room to squeeze God in. I have had to learn how Great our God is. Spending my morning commute praying and asking for his provisions in my life began for me at the beginning of September. It has changed everything. I find myself focused, less irritable, amazed by everything God has provided me. The fact that I can have God with me during every moment of this busy schedule has changed how busy my schedule is. I no longer seek for those empty spaces in my schedule but rather trust and ask God for the support to get through my day. I come home after an 18 hour day and I am not exhausted, or mad at the world; but rather, I find myself wanting to pull my wife close to me and spend what little time we get together. I am grateful for everything I have, and what is yet to come.

So I don’t have any awesome schedule keeping tricks and tips, although I’m more organized then I have ever been. I do have an awesome God how carry’s me through this life. I always say I can’t wait to tell our grandkids about this when we are older, but why wait in praising God for all he has done.

School is going great, mid-terms are right around the corner and then only a few more weeks left in the semester. I have been growing greatly in my job getting recognized and placed on special projects to further our efficacy (more on that later). I wake up everyday excited to experience all the blessings God provides.

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