Tag: Basement

November 8, 2017 /

Day 6 is all done! Drywall is going up, some last minute additions included an in-wall HDMI cord and conduit for future intergration with new technologies. Loving how this is coming out!

November 3, 2017 /

This week has been very exciting, demolition of our basement started and less than four days in we are starting new to frame our new walls. With most renovations there is a risk of exposing the truth under the covers, fortunately for us, our home is in even better shape…

October 31, 2017 /

It has been a while! The past month has been crazy. Between school work ramping up as finals approach and working we somehow squeeze in time for each other. The past few weekends we have been designing and planning our basement remodel, and it is finally time to start demolition…